Of all manly sports, hunting is perhaps the, best. It is also perhaps the most ancient one. The early man was a good hunter. He had to hunt for food and for safety. Even today we find the spirit of hunting in our children.

Hunting requires a lot of practice. One cannot become a hunter overnight. People who have to live in the forest by force of circumstances are better hunters than city dwellers. He has to hunt for his survival. As he lives in the midst of wild animals, he will have to protect his life. Hunters use different types of weapons. Thus the ancient man used the spear, the lance, the slings and the bow and arrows. These are used even today by primitive people. But modern man uses the gun.

The hunter's life is an adventurous one. He has to face the fury of animals. To be a good hunter he must know the haunts of animals, their behavior and their trails. Above all he must know the law of the jungle. Hunters usually go in a party. If it is safe hunting as in the case of a deer or a rabbit, it is simple and easy. But when one has to hunt the tiger, it requires a lot of preparation. The hunter must know where the animal dwells and where it comes for its water. He must carry his gun and there must be some cleared ground for the animal to be seen. In the case of the tiger, if one is seen nearby, the hunter ties a goat or a buffalo to a peg and leaves it there. The tiger comes and attacks the animal and leaves the carcass there. The tiger is sure to return the next night to finish up its food. In the meantime, the hunter will be ready with his gun. When the tiger is deeply engaged in having its repast, the hunter shoots at it. It requires a very good marksmanship to shoot at it. If he fails, the animal escapes and may prove a dangerous sport.

Another thrilling adventure is whale hunting. The hunters go in powerful boats. They can spot the place, where the animal is found by its snorting. Then they cover the ground and when the whale surfaces they harpoon it. A mere lash of its tail world be enough to upset the boat. There are other ways of hunting like laying a snare, decoying and so on. In hunting, dogs are found very useful. They are able to smell the animal and very often bring it to quarry. Falcons were trained and they were used in hunting birds. Even today boys hunt for birds' eggs. As a sport, hunting is the most manly game.

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What I would do after leaving school

Given the chance, I would be an air pilot. People may have their own views about it. It is of course a risky job, and many would discourage me from becoming an air pilot. But I think only of the adventure it offers. To become a pilot, one requires a good physique, nerve and eye-sight. Before becoming a fully trained pilot, one has to do a lot of ground work and many hours of flying. He must be a good student in physics, especially in aerodynamics. The training is very hard indeed but the game is worth it. A pilot gets a fat packet of salary. He gets other privileges. If he joins an international commercial line, he will get a chance of visiting foreign countries very often. If he joins the air force, his services are very much required for saving the country's frontiers. Any system of modern defense, will be nothing, if its air wing is not highly developed. So the air pilot will play a prominent part in the defense of his country.

Then, think of the thrill of being in the air. Modern jet planes, keep to a height of more than seven thousands meters. What a grand sight the pilot gets at the time, the earth below and the sky above! It can't always be fair weather piloting. There used to be tense and anxious moments. Sometimes, the plane will have to negotiate through an air pocket or through heavily charged clouds. Then, there may be the flat landing tyres. These are only a few of the dangerous situations. In all these, the pilot should know how to carry on his duty coolly and safely. Any wrong judgment would mean disaster to all.

In spite of all these, I like to be a pilot because the thrill of adventure is so much that I cannot resist it. After all one can die only once.

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How I spend my holiday

Holidays are always welcome. Who can deny that? After a term of school-work, one eagerly looks forward to the holidays and yearns for them. But when the holidays come, many find it boring. After the first flush is over, many find it hard to spend time. It is all because they don't plan for a holiday.

It may be quite useful to plan for a holiday. But how one is going to spend them depends on one's facilities. As for me I cannot afford to spend money on long trips visiting places and seeing things. Still I plan always for the holidays. The following is one such plan.

I will attend to some arrears of school work like copying of notes, getting the records up to-date and so on. Exercises which were not done in the class will be completed. I will go to the library regularly, both in the morning and evening and do some useful supplementary reading. After all one cannot always be reading. For a change I attend to some garden work. I am keen on gardening. It may be preparing the soil for a new plant or weeding out grass; it may be pruning the fence. The plants require regular watering, that I shall do myself. Now I have made up my mind to learn chess. I have already bought chessmen and a board for that. I will try to answer the problems on chess given in the newspapers. It is not always work for me. When I feel I must have a change, I mingle with my friends and enjoy some time in fun and frolic.

This time I want to learn some trade. I have made up my mind to learn watch repairing. So, I shall go and sit in the watch maker's shop. My father has promised to introduce me to one. I think it will take a good part of my time and it will fit me up to be a watch maker and repairer. Not that I want to take it as a profession but it is worth knowing such a trade.

I have drawn up a very big plan but it remains to be seen how far I can fulfil it.

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A fishing trip

There are few hobbies, which are so absorbing as fishing. People say that old men only seek fishing when they feel lonely. I don't agree. After all I am not old, still I have so much liking for fishing.

My school work stands in my way, so I could find time for going fishing only on week-ends. During holidays, of course, weather permitting nothing pleases me more than fishing. I have a special bowler hat, a small fishing basket and my favorite fishing rod. I purchase the necessary worms from the market and put them in the basket. Usually I start after breakfast. I leave word at home that I will return only in the evening. Taking my coffee flask, and a few slices of bread, I walk off. My favorite fishing ground lies some two kilometers away from my house.

Once I reach the place, I sit comfortably on the bank of the stream with reeds all around me. Fixing the worm to the hook, I throw the line into the water. It requires a lot of concentration to have an eye on the plumb. Sometimes I succeed in landing one or two good fish. Sometimes I wait for a long day, before I could catch even a small fish. But that does not detract me from going fishing.

Sometimes I while away the slow moving time by singing some popular hits. I feel that I am the monarch of all I survey. There is nothing to win and there is not much to lose. There is nobody to converse and only nature keeps company. So one feels as though one is a Yogi. I enjoy the ripples in the water. I enjoy the shoals of fish. I take pleasure in seeing the king fisher. Now and then I may be rewarded with the music of a bird. In short, for those who can temperamentally enjoy loneliness, there is nothing like fishing.

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My best friend

       I have a number of close friends both at school and outside of it. Although I am close to all of them I like and respect a particular one above the others. He is Peter my best friend. Peter and I go to the same school and live quite near each other. It is therefore no surprise that we may often be found in each others company. Peter's house is like a second home to me and vice versa. Peter's parents are also close family friends of ours. As both Peter's parents work, Peter is often entrusted to my mother to watch over when they are away at work. My mother doesn't mind as she considers Peter one of her own.

      Peter is my best friend for a number of reasons. I can always come to him for advice on any difficulties I may be experiencing and I value his advice as it is sensible and very practical. Everyone who knows Peter says that he is very mature for his age. It astounds me how much Peter knows on a variety of subjects. He is well read and never ceases to try and instill the reading habit in me. Needless to say it is Peter who helps me with my school homework when I encounter problems. I remember the time that I foolishly joined a few friends from school and experimented with cigarettes, Peter as a school prefect found us out and was duty bound to report the matter to the disciplinary teacher. All of my friends who were involved in the incident thought that Peter was simply being a tattle-tale but. I knew that Peter took his responsibilities seriously and only had my well being in mind. I often wind up in difficulties through my own doing and Peter is always around to bail me out without expecting any gratitude or explanation, his friendship is unconditional.

      Our teachers and friends at school have taken to calling us the 'Two Musketeers' as we do everything together. It seems that some of my interests have rubbed off on Peter as we are both in the school debate team. I quite enjoy public speaking but Peter dreads addressing crowds as by nature he is a very reserved person. I suspect he finally gave in to my constant cajoling and agreed to join the team. What Peter really enjoys is sports. He excels at football and track and field events. He has won numerous trophies for the school at inter-school sports meets.

      Peter is admirable as a friend and a person and is well spoken of by everyone who knows him. I am glad that I have his friendship and feel that I have grown wiser as a result of it.

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Kesan gejala vandalisme dan langkah mengatasinya

          Saudara Pengerusi Majlis, Tuan-tuan, Puan-puan, dan pelajar sekalian yang saya hormati. Selamat sejahtera saya ucapkan kepada anda sekalian kerana sudi menjemput saya untuk menyampaikan ceramah kepada pelajar-pelajar di sekolah SMK Gemilang tentang kesan gejala vandalisme dan langkah-langkah mengatasinya.

Saudara dan saudirin sekalian,

          Menurut Kamus Dewan, vandalisme didefinisikan sebagai perbuatan salah laku atau melakumusnahkan. Dalam konteks vandalisme di Malaysia pula, vandalisme sebenarnya dapat diertikan sebagai fenomena merosakkan harta benda awam. Gejala ini memberi kesan yang buruk kepada masyarakat dan negara. Oleh itu, langkah-langkah yang berkesan perlu diambil untuk mengatasi masalah ini daripada terus berleluasa.

Sekiranya perbuatan vandalisme tidak dikawal dengan baik, ia akan menimbulkan pelbagai kesulitan dan kesusahan kepada anggota masyarakat. Sebagai contoh, kerosakkan harta benda awam seperti telefon awam akan menyebabkan ia tidak dapat berfungsi pada masa kecemasan dan perkara ini mungkin akan menyebabkan kehilangan nyawa atau mengalami kerugian kepada orang lain. Walaupun vandalisme bukan sesuatu jenayah yang sangat serius tetapi perbuatan ini akan menjejaskan kestabilan ekonomi sesebuah negara. Hal ini kerana kegiatan vandalisme telah menyebabkan pelabur asing menghilangkan keyakinan kepada negara tersebut dan akhirnya menyebabkan kerugian yang besar dalam sektor ekonomi yang sedang membangun.

Kesan seterusnya ialah imej negara akan tercemar di mata dunia. Hal ini sudah tentu akan menjejaskan ekonomi Malaysia kerana pelancong luar tidak sudi untuk datang melancong ke negara kita akibat keadaan alam sekeliling yang buruk dan sikap rakyat yang tidak berprihatin. Natijahnya, industri pelancongan akan merosot. Kejadian ini akan memberikan kesan buruk kepada rakyat negara tersebut. Industri pelancongan menyumbang kepada sektor lain seperti perhotelan. Sektor perhotelan tidak akan mendapat sambutan handal akibat industri melancong yang merosot. Hal ini menyebabkan rakyat menganggur akibat kekurangan sektor pekerjaan. Tambahan pula, pihak kerajaan akan membelanjakan berjuta-juta ringgit untuk membaikpulihkan infrastruktur yang dimusnahkan.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

          Untuk mengatasi gejala vandalisme, langkah yang paling utama ialah pendidikan. Sistem pendidikan yang mantap dan kukuh dapat membendung gejala vandalisme. Menurut Datuk Lee Lam Thye, beliau menjelaskan hanya melalui pendidikan, kita dapat memupuk semangat antivandalisme dan meningkatkan kesedaran remaja tentang sikap memelihara harta benda awam. Justeru, remaja hendaklah didedahkan kepada kesedaran sivik sejak dari awal lagi kerana setiap anak yang dilahirkan hanya menanti warna budaya yang bakal dicorakkan oleh ibu bapa. Jelaslah bahawa kalau baik budaya hidup dan acuan dari rumahnya, maka baiklah peribadi remaja.

          Langkah seterusnya ialah Penguatkuasaan undang-undang yang ketat. Hal ini dikatakan demikian kerana hukuman dan kompaun atas kerosakan yang dikenakan dapat memberikan pengajaran kepada mereka atau setidak-tidaknya mereka akan berfikir dua kali sebelum berbuat demikian. Sebagai contohnya, negara Singapura mengenakan hukuman berat kepada pemusnah harta benda awam. Hal ini terbukti apabila hukuman berat yang dilaksanakan di Singapura mampu mengurangkan kes vandalisme. Menurut Datuk Lee Lam Thye lagi, satu undang-undang kecil vandalisme telah diperuntukkan untuk mendenda tidak kurang daripada RM2000 atau penjara tidak lebih daripada satu tahun kepada remaja yang melakukan vandalisme.

          Di samping itu, kempen antivandalisme anjuran Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) yang bertemakan ‘Harta Awam Milikku-Milikmu’ dapat menanamkan sifat bertanggungjawab dan menyemai perasaan sayang terhadap harta benda awam dalam sanubari remaja. Kempen ini juga harus disusuli dengan pelaksanaan program seperti Program Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, Sistem Mentor-Mantee dan Sekolah Penyayang di peringkat sekolah bagi membanteras kemelut vandalisme. Kementerian Pendidikan juga boleh menganjurkan peraduan melukis dan pertandingan menulis esei bagi meningkatkan kesedaran remaja supaya lebih menyayangi harta awam demi kepentingan bersama, berdasarkan tema ‘Harta Awam Milik Bersama-Hentikan Vandalisme’. Tegasnya, melalui kempen dan ceramah, nescaya matlamat vandalisme sifat dapat dicapai.

Pelajar sekalian,

          Kemelut vandalisme tidak boleh dipandang enteng. Oleh itu, semua pihak haruslah berganding bahu bagi membendung masalah vandalisme. Remaja janganlah terlalu mengikut perasaan atau terburu-buru melakukan sesuatu sehingga sanggup merosakkan harta benda awam. Harta benda awam harus dianggap seperti harta sendiri. Semoga masalah ini dapat diatasi agar negara tidak mengalami kerugian dari aspek material.

        Sebagai pengakhir kata, saya ingin menyeru agar semua pihak memberi kerjasama untuk membanteras masalah ini. Dengan ini, saya akhiri ceramah saya pada pagi ini.  Sekian, terima kasih.


          For getting one's things, one has to do some shopping. Sometimes shopping is undertaken for fun. Shopping on special occasions, is really exciting. For example, when one goes shopping on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Chinese New Year or Christmas, the experience is really exciting.

          Shopping is not simply buying things for our needs. It is much more than that. First of all one must know what one wants to buy. He must know, where those things are available. In fact, this is not a problem in a small place but in a big city, one must know where different things are sold. There may be, chain stores, selling things at a higher price. The same things may be had at a cheaper price at a grocery. Then there are the genuine goods and the spurious ones. Unless one knows one is likely to be deceived. This reminds one of the famous chapter in the "Vicar of Wakefield". Moses went to the fair, to sell his mare. He was deceived by a sharper, who exchanged the mare for a gross of silver spectacles. When Moses returned home, he found they were not at all silver. This may happen to anybody unless one has the wit and wisdom. Shopping requires some experience of the market.

          Shopping requires bargaining ability. It is not always fixed prices in all markets. So one must be able to bargain. It requires certain ability to choose the right stuff. For instance if one goes into a big cloth shop, one finds it easy, one must have made up his mind as to what stuff to get. He must be careful to see whether correct weights and measures are being used. It is here that very often people are deceived.

          Shopping, during week end is really exciting. One has to wend through a stream of shoppers. There will be, the crowd of roadside vendors crying their wares. One must not be tempted to buy all and sundry, otherwise, he will find he has wasted his money. In fact shopping is a good school, where one can learn about men, moods and manners.
chain storesOne of a number of retail stores under the same ownership and dealing in the same merchandise.
witintelligence and the ability to think quickly
wendto move slowly and not directly

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